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Why go camping in Brittany? #the sea

Les côtes bretonnes
Les côtes bretonnes


The sea, the sea and more sea! The sea is almost omnipresent in Brittany - each department has its own coastline! In fact, more than 600 campsites in Brittany are located near the sea...

Would you like to spend a holiday camping by the sea?

You want to enjoy the pleasures of swimming or walking without losing sight of the sea, to practice a nautical activity (boat trips, surfing, paddling or scuba diving are all appropriate during your stay in Brittany) or to take the time for a coffee or a seafood platter on a port? The sea in Brittany is also the opportunity to admire the lighthouses illuminating the Breton coast, to watch the return of the fishing boats or to sail from one island to another...

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A coastline to discover

Between the Channel and the Atlantic, the Breton coastline extends over a length of 2,400 to 3,500 km (depending on the method of counting), i.e. approximately one third of the French coastline.

It presents a great diversity, because it alternates rias and deep abers, bays, fine sand or pebble beaches, rocky escarpments, salt marshes and cliffs. To add to the spectacle, this very jagged landscape changes with the tides.

 Belle Ile en Mer and its wild coast in Brittany
Belle Ile en Mer and its wild coast in Brittany© Adobe Stock

Brittany also has nearly 800 islands and islets, including 12 inhabited islands (the largest of which, Belle-Ile-en-Mer, has 10 campsites).

The beaches of Brittany are beautiful

Anse de Saint-Guirec, in Ploumanac'h
Anse de Saint-Guirec, in Ploumanac'h© iStockphoto

Two thirds of the campsites in Brittany are less than 5 kilometers from the sea. Some of the Breton campsites even have direct access to the beach! Nothing could be more pleasant, especially when you are travelling with children.

Brittany has nearly 400 wild or urban beaches, a succession of postcards that look like they come from the four corners of the world, from Ireland to the Seychelles. Another important advantage is that, unlike the beaches in the south of France, the beaches are much less crowded in summer... The pleasure of putting down your towel and enjoying the pleasures of the beach in total freedom!

The bays and coasts of Brittany

Looking for a specific destination for a seaside holiday in Brittany? The Gulf of Morbihan and the Bay of Quiberon as well as the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel (which straddles Normandy) are among the most beautiful bays in the world.

On the Channel side, the Emerald Coast and the Pink Granite Coast offer breathtaking sights, between steep cliffs and multicoloured rocks and fine sandy beaches.

On the Atlantic coast, on the Morbihan side, choose to discover the wild coast, west of the Quiberon peninsula, which is appreciated for its green expanses, its cliffs and its dunes.


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10 reasons to go camping in Brittany :

Discover all the good reasons to choose Brittany for your camping holidays:

1.Campsites for all tastes in Brittany

2. The sea, the sea and the sea again

3.The beauty of the landscape

4.Historical and cultural heritage

5.Breton traditions and culture

6.Gastronomy, between land and sea

7.Activities galore

8.Meeting new people

9.Celebrating & music

10.The climate


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