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For holidaymakers in search of comfort and luxury, the Premium campsite areas are more and more common in 4 and 5-star campsites. These top-ot-the-range rentals, with more space than in standard rentals, also stand out through the quality of the equipment and their rich facilities. To set them aside from the other campsite areas, these luxury rentals are located in landscaped areas with their own gardens, lagoons, bridges and sometimes private swimming pools. They are also often car-free areas.
“Premium areas” also include services of the “Hotel” type. Beds made on arrival, a private spa on the patio or top-of-the-range bikes for all the family are often included in the rental, plus special packages giving access to the wellness area for beauty treatments, etc.

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Campsites that are part of a chain come under the same banner to convey shared themes and values: respect for nature, local area or premium services, activities and facilities...

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