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Your campsite in the Corbières Maritimes

In Occitanie, this small geographical entity in the Aude region stretches between the Mediterranean and picturesque wine hills. You will be seduced by the beaches of Leucate and Port-La Nouvelle, as well as by the large lagoons, a refuge for many species of birds.

Part of the Corbières Maritimes is protected by the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park in the Mediterranean. The invigorating breath of the Tramontane allows you to indulge in the joys of water sports all along the coast. As in Port-La-Nouvelle, where sand and marshes stretch as far as the eye can see, north and south of the lively quays of the fishing port.

Following the first few hectometres of the Robine canal which runs all the way to Narbonne, take a walk in the superb natural setting of the island of Saint Lucia. Just next door, the Sigean African Reserve allows you to observe, on foot or by car, nearly 4,000 wild animals in the wild on a 300-hectare estate.

The many faces of Leucate

The municipality of Leucate is very large and is organised around several centres. Full south towards the Barcarès and the Lydia, emblematic sandy liner, since 1974, about ten campsites and naturist villages enjoy the sunshine, with even a dedicated port. Discover also the enchanting site of the Grau de Leucate shellfish huts, where you can savour mussels, clams, shrimps and the local hollow oyster. The traditional village of Leucate lies on a hill. From there, take the small road that leads to the classified cliffs of the cape of Leucate. Near the lighthouse and semaphore, the sea views are unforgettable, with 18 km of beaches below.

At the mercy of the wind and the old stones

At the end of the immense Leucate pond (5,400 hectares), in the neighbouring Pyrénées-Orientales, go and see the impressive fortress of Salses. This elegant and spectacular structure was built by the Spaniards at the end of the 15th century.

Heading due west towards Treilles et Feuilla, walk through the Foncaude botanical garden. More than 2,000 different kinds of plants are grouped together in three universes, creating a real sense of wonder.

Plain, olive groves, dry stone walls, old salt marshes punctuate the landscape towards the famous vineyards of Fitou and the beautiful village of Bages, at the gates of Narbonne. While on the ridges dozens of windmills capture the energy of the wind, as far as the slopes of Mont Tauch.

Campsites in the Corbières maritimes

There are about sixty campsites in the Corbières maritimes.

Among the many proposals, we suggest three addresses in Leucate. Cap Blanc *** between sea and pond with about twenty accommodations available throughout the year. Mer Sable et Soleil *** with a hundred or so possibilities from mid-March to mid-November provides a good level of comfort. Les Rives des Corbières ***, from April to the beginning of October, is organised around nearly 350 accommodation units, of which about forty are rented.

Further towards the hills, Sigean also has three addresses. Ensoya *** from June to August offers almost 200 possibilities to camp or choose different styles of mobile homes. La Grange Neuve *** more than a hundred accommodations, including about thirty rentals from March to early November. Azureva Sigean ** with about 130 rentals or pitches from April to September.


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