Upon arrival

Rights and obligations

Rights and obligations of the campsite and the camper.

For the campsite:

The prices must be on display, as well as the rules and regulations.

An original copy of the bill must be given to the camper.

The campsite has the right to cash the deposit cheque for rental accommodation, but a deposit is not obligatory. The deposit is generally 20% of the total amount for the stay.

The campsite must provide you with a pitch that matches the description given when you reserved (facilities included, layout, list of additional services not included in the rental price, etc.).

The campsite may refuse payment by cheque or bank card.

The campsite can forbid barbecues, mainly in regions with a high fire risk.

For the camper:

You must respect the rules and regulations.

If you rent your accommodation directly from another camper, make sure the campsite has been informed and has given its agreement, otherwise you may be refused access to the campsite.

For rented accommodation, you must make sure it is clean before you leave. You can decide if you want to do the cleaning yourself or to pay for a housekeeping service (generally about 50 euros).

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