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Camping holidays – a big blow for clichés

Even though this kind of holiday has greatly changed over the past few years, there are a lot of ideas that still go around about camping. Here’s the chance to take a look at and put an end to the most common ones.

1 – Camping is old-fashioned – False!

In just a few years, open-air hotel services have been totally overhauled and modernised in terms of the level of facilities, with often monumental water parks, ecologically friendly sanitary facilities, state-of-the-art accommodation with all possible comfort down to dishwashers, trendy activities, accommodation with home automation services, etc.

2 - Camping is for old people – Totally false!

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You just need to walk through a campsite in season to see that the opposite is true. 60 % of campers are aged between 25 and 50. Camping today is aimed at all the family with facilities for each age group (play areas for toddlers, wellness areas for grown-ups, etc.), kids’ club activities, excursions, etc.

3 – Camping gives you the best value for money on holiday – True… and false!

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It’s true that traditionally, the campsite was open to customers with a limited budget, both those staying in tents or in mobile homes, thanks in particular to family allocations vouchers that financed all or part of the stay. But it’s also false, because the price in high season in some top-of-the-range campsites with services of the same standard as some 5-star hotels are sometimes similar to the price in seaside rented accommodation at the same season.

4 – Camping isn’t comfortable – False!

Today, campsites are not at all Spartan and the watchword really could be “comfort at every level”. In rented accommodation, the level of comfort is similar to what you would have at home (slatted bed bases, insulation, sound-proofing, heating, television, real kitchens, bathrooms with showers, hot water, etc.). Similarly, campers now have access to heated sanitary facilities with enormous individual cabins (or sometimes family cabins) with practically unlimited hot water, etc.

5 – On the campsite, you always see the same faces – False!

Campers who go back to the same campsite for years and to the same campsite pitch are not only a legend, but account for a very small percentage (just over 10 %). The vast majority of campers regularly opt for different destinations, and many choose a new campsite every year.

6 – On a campsite, you never get any peace and quiet – False!

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In the vast majority of campsites, the accommodation part (campsite pitches and chalets, etc.) and shared spaces, such as the water park, play areas and shops are very clearly separated, and the campsite management makes big efforts to ensure that their customers’ peace and quiet is preserved, whatever the size of the campsite. This involves, for example, pitches that are clearly divided by hedges to cut down noise, set times for events and activities, noise limitations, etc. In addition, nothing stops you, when you reserve, to opt for campsites playing the nature card, where peace and quiet is one of their main selling points.

7 – Camping is dull – Totally false!

Water parks with varying levels of sophistication, wellness areas, play areas, sports pitches, activities of all kinds, a programme of events, recommendations for visits and excursions, etc. All the campsites have plenty to keep you busy whatever your age, your tastes, etc.

8 – On a campsite, the food is bad – False!

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The time is long gone when campsite food was limited to a bag of greasy chips topped with a badly cooked sausage. In campsites with food to eat in or take away, a big effort is now made in terms of quality. On the menu, you’ll often find home-made pizzas, chicken and chips and ready cooked meals. Some campsites get their supplies from local farmers to help campers explore the often rich regional cultural heritage… This is France, after all!

9 – On a campsite, things are badly maintained – False!

Today, no campsite worth its salt would skimp on maintenance, keeping the grass and hedges cut or spotlessly cleaning the accommodation after the customers leave. The sanitary facilities are cleaned all the time, with dedicated teams at work several times a day, in addition to the big clean up each morning. If this weren’t the case, the campsite would be immediately under attack on the social networks.

10 – On a campsite, the accommodation all looks the same – False!

You just need to visit any reservations website (tour operator, campsites, etc.) to see this is not the case. From the small mobile home for two to the “three bedrooms and two bathrooms” for a blended family, via all the models of chalet and lodge on offer, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.


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