When it comes to booking

Our tips for choosing your campsite

After a solemn referendum, your family has opted for a camping holiday next summer. With over 8,500 campsites in France, you’re sure to find one to suit you. But you should stack all the odds in your favour to avoid disappointment and preserve peace in the family. So follow the guide!

Getting ready for your holiday means, even before making the reservation, deciding exactly what you want. In other words, you need to decide on your needs, inclinations, and the tone you’d like to give to your stay. In short, do you want to set off with your loved one, with your family? What kind of accommodation (tent, mobile-home or chalet) do you prefer? Are you looking for peace and quiet to take it easy at all times and in different ways or do you want to do some exercise and get in shape? Do you want to try out local delicacies and specialities? According to your answers to these questions, the campsites you will choose may be very different. Don’t skip this stage, but take the time to think about it. The success of your holiday really depends on it.

For every wish... a different campsite

Camping is a real change of lifestyle... When choosing a campsite, the main snag is there is not just one sort but a multitude of campsites, varying according to the number of stars, the geographic location, the facilities, the activities on offer, the accommodation (size, number of rooms, equipment), entertainment programmes, etc.

Let’s take the most common example, and you’re going away with your family. Without even mentioning the size of the campsite or the number of stars, there are very many criteria to be taken into account and questions to ask yourself. If you have young children, you should see if the campsite has a kids club or a mini-club (for toddlers), if the swimming pool (covered in low season) has a paddling pool or a water park play area. With older children or even teenagers, the needs will be different: a bigger water park with a range of water slides, a programme of sports activities, as well as evening events where you can meet people, etc. In any event, when the children are busy with their activities, the parents can devote some time to themselves. So, they might add a wellness area as a criteria, with or without beauty treatments, a gym, a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail, a water park with large artificial beaches to take it easy in every different way, etc.

Finally, do you pay particular attention to the attention paid by campsites to key issues such as quality, respect for the environment or the reception of the disabled? Don't hesitate to trust the campsites' labels!

Culture and the Good Life!

Another scenario: every year you like to have a new theme for your holiday, where the campsite is your “base camp” for excursions. This might include the Normandy D-Day Landings beaches, the Cathar castles in the south, the Way of Saint James, the Ardèche Gorges, etc. From this point of view, many campsite websites can introduce you to the region and the different possibilities on offer.

The approach is the same if you are a lover of good food and drink. Perhaps you like to make the most of summer to explore new regions and flavours. In that case, you’ll choose your destination according to the top restaurants in the region, etc. The choice of a campsite will come afterwards. The good news is that some top-of-the-range campsites have opted for gastronomic food with restaurants at a very high level. This has a double advantage. First of all, since these are 4 or even 5-star campsites, you will be spoiled all through your stay. Secondly, as you won’t have to take the car out, you can treat your palate with perfect peace of mind.

Ready to book!

Don’t know which campsite to choose? Use our online guide to find a made-to-measure campsite! You can choose a destination, the proximity of a lake or the sea, the desired type of accommodation, the essential options, the type of campsite, etc. More specific needs? Don't hesitate to use the advanced search.


Having digested all the above, you are now ready for the next step, the reservation. There are no big difficulties about it. All the reservation websites, whether tour operators, online travel agencies or campsite chains are all designed on the same principle. You give the options you’ve decided on beforehand and you then see a selection of campsites so you can make your choice.

And don't forget: on CampingFrance.com, a large number of campsites have published a link to their website, which is handy for easily checking rates and availability for your camping holiday dates!


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