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The sanitary facilities, a new source of pride for campsites

Once they were hidden away at the rear of the campsite. Today, the campsites are proud of them. By becoming more practical and with a more aesthetic appearance, the sanitary facilities have changed their status.

We may have almost forgotten, but the phrase “Charge for hot water. Tokens at the reception” was commonplace in the 1960s. Today, some campsite managers have no hesitation in investing hundreds of thousands of euros in their sanitary facilities. They are much more important than you might think, and are often the place campers look at first. Just to see that everything is nice and clean…

Of course, there still some indescribable facilities, but over the past few years, campsites have made great progress. You’ll find sanitary facilities that are decorated with flowers or designed with a specific decorative theme. The baby changing areas and family shower cabins have increased in number. You should also note that the sanitary facilities tend to be less and less busy. Why? Much of the explanation is the growing number of mobile-homes and chalets on campsites.


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