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More and more services on campsites

What helps towards the success of camping is also the services that go with it, the practical facilities and shops onsite that make life easier.

Campsites have become holiday villages, and some can be likened to real small towns. This goes from the restaurant to the take-away service, via, of course, the presence of a bar. Do you need some cash? No problem, there is a cash dispenser at the campsite entrance, not far from the baker’s and the grocery store. More rarely, you will find a spa area (see elsewhere on the site), a cinema, a car-rental service… In short, the time is long gone when some campsites proudly announced in their advertising that they had a washing machine…

In France, some campsites also have food shops (butcher’s, fishmonger’s, etc.), and even a hairdresser. But that’s not all, since campsites also have leisure facilities. As well as swimming pools and wellness areas, you can find, here and there, miniature golf courses, an adventure park, a horse-riding centre, or even an indoor sports room.

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