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Camping: are dogs accepted?

Many campsites accept dogs in rental accommodation, even if more and more of them charge a “pet” fee that is very high and dissuasive. But in high season, some campsites do not accept dogs for reasons of hygiene or to prevent possible damage.

Some campsites that generally accept pets do not accept dogs, especially in high season.

Some accept pets providing that they do not go into the mobile-home and that they sleeps, for example, in the car. So it’s better to ask when you reserve. If your dog is accepted, it must be kept on a lead and cannot be left alone in the rented accommodation. An up-to-date vaccination booklet will be asked for when you arrive. Best not to forget it.

Before choosing your campsite, check that dogs are accepted and that you can park your car there. Most campsites will let you park your vehicle on your campsite pitch, but this is not always the case.

To find out which campsites accept pets in rental accommodation or on campsite pitches, see the guide "What campsite should I choose?"


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