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Camping spas: well-designed wellness

Along with the fun water areas for the children, spas are now a real trend in camping.

SPA of the campsite l'Océan, in Loire-Atlantique
SPA of the campsite l'Océan, in Loire-Atlantique© L'Océan

From the personal jacuzzi on the campsite pitch on offer at Esterel Caravaning (83), to the ultra-modern, 600 m2 spa that has just been opened by Mer et Soleil (34), we can really ask how far the campsites will go in the quest for comfort and well-being. A few campsites, such as Sérignan-Plage (34), with an exceptional area that is unique in Europe (2800 m² of open-air spa facilities in thermal baths with a Greco-Roman inspiration), or Le Fief (44) and Le Parc des Alicourts (41), with their beauty treatment cabins and massages, showed the way a few years earlier. It’s true that most campers don’t choose this form of holiday for the spa, but when it is on offer, everyone enjoys the benefits of a hamam, sauna or jacuzzi. Now more and more campsites offer a range of facilities of this type, surfing on the wave of wellness and fitness. Massages and a jacuzzi definitely make an inviting prospect for the summer.

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