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A refreshing adventure in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes!

Lac Serre-Ponçon
Lac Serre-Ponçon

With Météo France predicting a new heatwave in the south of France, we invite you to discover some refreshing mountain destinations in the Hautes-Alpes. Perfect places to get moving, learn or just relax... in the cool!


Discover a wild and authentic region where high mountains and Mediterranean landscapes are one and the same. With its 8 authentic villages (Saint-Martin-de-Queyrières, les Vigneaux, La Roche-de-Rame, Champcella, Freissinières, L'Argentière-la-Bessée, Vallouise-Pelvoux and Puy-Saint-Vincent) and its two resorts perched at an altitude of over 1,400 m, this is a place where you can enjoy life in all four seasons, thanks to its unspoilt natural surroundings.


- Via Ferrata des gorges d'Ailefroide in Pelvoux: Halfway between climbing and hiking, this activity can be enjoyed by children aged 4 and over. It's one of the most sumptuous in the region. Whether you're an amateur or an experienced climber, you'll find yourself between torrents and rock faces, overlooking the Gyr torrent. A particularly pleasant place to cool off.

- Whitewater activities: rafting, canyoning for the whole family, inflatable canoeing and kayaking lessons or swimming - anything goes in summer in this whitewater mecca. It's the ideal time of year to take part in all the river sports that flow through this beautiful region: the Durance, the Gyr, the Onde, the Gyronde and the Byaisse, and the Fournel.

- A first paragliding flight: Because a paragliding flight is always an unforgettable experience, set off to discover magnificent landscapes at any time of year. The paragliding valley is surrounded by charming villages, away from the main tourist attractions.


Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata © Christian Moretton

Find out about all the activities in the Pays des Écrins on the website: https://www.paysdesecrins.com/decouvrir/activites-et-loisirs



A little corner of paradise right in the middle of the French Alps. Queyras is Europe's highest regional nature park, home to peaks over 3,000 metres high and 8 authentic resort villages. Here, mild sunny days combine with cool, refreshing nights. The architecture of this unique region is centuries-old, with larch-wood roofs often adorned with sundials. You'll discover some of the most beautiful villages in France, including Saint-Véran and its timber-framed houses, and the fortified village of Mont-Dauphin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


- SENS'ACTION trails at Eygliers: These trails combine the discovery of cultural and natural heritage with an outdoor activity open to all. These visits and walks are based on fun, unusual and sensory activities, with a dozen or so challenges to take up, perfect for all the family.

- The House of the Sun: Close to the stars, Saint-Véran, the highest commune in Europe, is renowned for its exceptionally pure skies. It's here that a scientific centre dedicated to observing the sun has opened its doors. Evenings devoted to the study of this celestial body are regularly organised, as are fun workshops.

- Watch the sunrise from Sugarloaf: an extraordinary breakfast at 3,208 metres altitude at the summit, where the first glimmers of sunlight can be seen.

Queyras Nature Park
Queyras Nature Park

Find out more about all the Guillestrois Queyras activities on the website: https://lequeyras.com/



The second largest man-made lake in Europe, the 3,000-hectare Lac de Serre-Ponçon is a marvellous expanse of water surrounded by mountainous terrain. A veritable sea in the mountains! In the heart of the Southern Alps, it's a dream destination for lovers of water sports, swimming and sunbathing!


- Vél'eau paddle: This family water activity lets you explore the creeks of the lake. It's a simple, leg-powered pastime that promises unforgettable moments.

- E-surf: For the ultimate thrill, powered by an electric turbine, this board lets you enjoy water rides that combine fun, relaxation and adrenalin.

- Hot-air ballooning, a gentle flight: take to the skies at over 3,000 metres in the mountains, in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes, in front of the Champsaur and Écrins massifs, that's the tempting offer that Serre-Ponçon makes to its visitors. The four travellers are offered a taste of freedom in the immensity of the Alpine landscapes, in complete privacy!

- Roll 'air câble: One of Europe's biggest zip lines. At the top of the Orcières-Merlette resort, you'll be able to fly like a bird, in the middle of a spectacular scenery, with mountains, marmots and lakes offering you a breathtaking panorama.


Find out more about all the activities on Lake Serre-Ponçon at: https://www.serreponcon.com/

Roll'Air Câble
© Roll'Air Câble


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