TOP 5 of the received ideas on the campsite

Emplacements avec vue imprenable sur la mer
Emplacements avec vue imprenable sur la mer


Although camping is becoming increasingly popular among the French, especially after the confinement, preconceived ideas persist. Too noisy, unhygienic or even out of fashion, here are 5 clichés about camping. So, true or false?

1. It's old-fashioned

In the collective imagination, the campsite is "Patrick" and his pink jersey or "Jacky" and his pastis. However, there is a whole range of different campsites, adapted to the tastes and preferences of each person. From 5-star campsites to eco-responsible campsites, the campsites are diversifying and adapting to a new clientele. Whether you are a backpacker, a van-lifer, a camper in a tent, a camper van, a young person, a retired person or a large family, you are bound to find the campsite of your dreams.


2. It's noisy

Wrong: while some campsites do offer holidaymakers entertainment, especially for children and teenagers, some, on the contrary, recommend a total disconnection from nature. Moreover, when campsites are lively, evenings are generally held away from the pitches and on limited time slots in order to respect the peace and sleep of holidaymakers. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, find out in advance about the services offered by the campsites, particularly the entertainment.


3. Social distancing and hygiene measures cannot be respected.

Wrong. After the confinement, when the campsites reopened, the FNHPA (Fédération nationale de l'hôtellerie de plein air) drew up a specific health protocol for the campsites. Throughout the summer, the campsites followed a strict procedure in terms of hygiene and disinfection in order to guarantee the health safety of all campers. For example, a direction of traffic has been set up in the common areas of the campsites, particularly in the sanitary blocks. Cleaning and disinfection frequencies have also been reinforced. As far as swimming pools and water parks are concerned, accommodation capacities must now comply with the rule of 4m2 per person. In each campsite, a Covid-19 referent has been appointed to monitor the application of prevention and disinfection measures. Furthermore, if you are still reluctant about the common sanitary facilities, the majority of campsites offer mobile homes for rent with private bathrooms.


4. It is not comfortable

Wrong. Going on a camping holiday doesn't have to mean discomfort, mosquitoes, laborious tent pitching or tasting cans for a fortnight. If you want to keep your holiday as comfortable as possible, you should opt for a mobile home. The 4 and 5* campsites offer campers large pitches and luxurious services. You will find gourmet restaurants, spas, hammams, massage services and private beaches.

Finally, more and more campsites offer facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility.


5. We always come across the same people

True and False. Every place has its share of regulars, it's true. But in the majority of cases, the clientele renews itself. It is therefore very rare to come across the stereotype of the pensioner who has been fascinated by his or her location for 20 years. Camping is also an opportunity to meet people you wouldn't necessarily meet in everyday life. Why not take the opportunity to create new friendships?


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