What will camping holidays be like in France in 2020, after COVID-19?

Camping post COVID-19
Camping post COVID-19

Because of the epidemic, camping holidays this summer, whether you are in a tent, campervan or mobile home, will not be the same as in previous years. Camping is the most popular type of holiday in France, with 50% of holidaymakers staying at campsites each year.

We all need a holiday

After months of lockdown, we all want to get away from it all, make contact with nature, enjoy some water sports and games… In short, we need to have a change of air and to get out of the house (we might love our homes, but after two months confined to the same place, a change would do us good).

Fresh air, nature, space… A camping holiday really is the ideal choice.


What will change in the campsites after the end of the lockdown

According to the FNHPA, the national federation representing campsites, there will be fewer holidaymakers in campsites this summer, because it will not be possible to rent all pitches if we want to respect social distancing. There is also the fact that fewer overseas visitors will be staying at campsites than in previous years. However, prices should remain stable, since the sector is committed not to pass on the cost of the sanitary measures to campers renting accommodation or pitches.

At the same time, since the virus has not (suddenly) disappeared after the lockdown, we must continue to observe preventive measures and maintain social distancing. So this summer we need to keep our distances if we want to stay safe, and we should forget about laying down a beach towel next to another family's.


Today, the measures to be applied in campsites have finally been approved. Not surprisingly, we must expect some of the "usual features" of our camping holiday have been changed. Here are some examples:

1 – Checking in at the campsite

At the reception, social distancing rules must be respected to minimise the number of contacts. Remember to bring your own pen, and expect to wait outside reception for your turn to check in. No problem: we got used to queueing up outside shops during the lockdown!

2 - Swimming pools and leisure facilities

Campsites will limit access to pools and water parks to give everyone enough space and to guarantee safety (4 m² minimum). A system of taking turns in pools could be set up. Changes could also be made in poolside areas (fewer deck chairs) and games areas.

3 - Bars and restaurants

Campsites will be following the French national directives, like all premises where food and drink are served. Restaurants and bars reopened on June 2nd, with a distance of 1 metre maintained between tables. Campsites will also be expanding take-away services.

4 - Entertainment

Will there be evening shows at the campsites? The public authorities will confirm any limits to the number of people gathering in one place.

Mini-clubs are scheduled to reopen in July and August, but with special measures. For example, groups will be limited to 10 children at the most. Here again, campsites will go out of their way to guarantee perfect safety for participants and for staff organising the shows.

5- Access to sanitary facilities

The number of wash basins and showers could be limited to maintain social distancing. Foot-traffic flows in the public sanitary facilities could be introduced as part of specific health procedures.

6 - Disinfection of accommodation

Another necessity arising from the health crisis is that rented accommodation will be disinfected in between stays. This could lead to a few hours' wait before campers take up residence.

7 - And what about masks?

Masks may be mandatory in enclosed public areas, such as supermarkets, the reception, etc. On our campsite pitches, there will be no problem, of course.

But let's hope masks won't be mandatory for sunbathers in water parks because that would make it hard to get an even tan!



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