Camping in 2018: Twenty years on…

20 years after the launch of the first CampingFrance website, 8,023 campsites* have been listed with just under 900,000 pitches. The classification has changed and there is now a 5th star. So what is camping like in 2018?

The Vendée is still the leading department in terms of campsites, in front of Charente-Maritime and Ardèche. Just like the campsites, the accommodation has continued to move upmarket and has also taken the opportunity to grow with, in the first instance, an increase in 3-bedroom mobile homes and more recently for very large families ones with 4 bedrooms and "Tribes" models consisting of two rentals joined by a covered terrace. By the same token, as regards canvas accommodation, we are now a long way from the simple tent, even a family one. We now talk about "Lodge Tents" with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a floor area which can be over 40 m² and a wide range of facilities in some cases, with, for example, bathrooms, heating or even a spa installed on the terrace.

Ever more

The upgrading of the campsites has continued with improved facilities which were once unimaginable when you went camping, such as fitness rooms and well-being centres, some of which offer treatments from professionals. The aquatic areas are even more beautiful, with some of them bordering on the colossal at over 10,000 m². Also, splash pads are a real selling point for attracting families with very young children and are increasingly replacing traditional paddling pools. Another significant change is that campers are connected wherever they are staying, and no longer picture their holiday without good wifi.

Caravans: the central bed

There are definitely not as many caravans on the roads in 2018, but they are more and more luxurious and better equipped, with an increasingly improved design. From this point of view, Eriba is generally thought of as going against the grain. While most brands use polyester for their coachwork and regularly update their design, the German manufacturer continues to offer its cult model, the Touring, with its steel frame and aluminium outer skin. As for the camper van, it continues its rise on the recreational vehicle market. Very large units incorporating a garage for a microcar stop off sometimes at the campsites, much to the delight of all the campers.

Cars: the return of petrol

The car is undergoing great changes in 2018. Diesel cars are becoming less and less popular and losing approval due to a growing number of traffic restrictions and to diesel and petrol prices getting closer and closer. Although MPVs like the Renault Espace 5 and Scenic 4 are very successful, the SUVs are gaining ground. The range has expanded considerably, from the economical Dacia Duster, to the "megalomaniac" Porsche Cayenne and the Peugeot 3008, newly elected Car of the Year. Also, the estates are doing better than just 'holding out', with the VW Passat, the Renault Talisman and the luxurious V 90 Volvo.


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*Source: Officiel des Terrains de camping


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