Camping France is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Camping France has been helping you choose your holiday campsite since 1998. What a perfect opportunity for looking back over the past 20 years together!

1998, 2008 and 2018 - three dates which give a snapshot of the past twenty years to see how our world and camping have changed. Have a good trip back in time!


Camping in 1998: one, two...

In 1998, there were just under 9,000 campsites in France with around 955,000 pitches. Well over a thousand of them were open all year round. Let's look back at what campsites were like in France in 1998...

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Camping in 2008: Yes we can!

In 2008, France had just under 8,700 listed campsites with almost 935,000 pitches. The Vendée was still the leading department in numbers of campsites (364) in front of Charente Maritime and Finistère. Let's see how camping in France had changed in 2008.

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Camping in 2018: Twenty years on…

20 years after the launch of the first CampingFrance website, 8,023 campsites* have been listed with just under 900,000 pitches. The classification has changed and there is now a 5th star. So what is camping like in 2018?

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The press was already talking about it

We found the first magazine announcing the launch of (Le Caravanier, marsh, 1998).



Have a nice camping holiday, and thank you for your fidelity during the last 20 years!

The Move Publishing Guide Team




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