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Where to go camping in Europe?

Région de l'Algarve au Portugal
Région de l'Algarve au Portugal

Camping in France is fine (it's even very good!) but this year, why not change and choose a campsite in Europe?

Considered as a continent, Europe covers an area of 10 million km2, which makes you want to widen the field of possibilities when it comes to choosing a destination and especially a campsite. A veritable mosaic of exceptional regions, multiple cultures, different peoples and surprising landscapes, Europe is so vast that few know it as a whole. Set off to discover what is known as the "old continent", because it has not finished dazzling you.

Choosing a country for camping in Europe

France is the leading European country in terms of the number of campsites

Villefranche-sur-mer, on the French Riviera
Villefranche-sur-mer, on the French Riviera© iStockphoto

It is the leading European country in terms of the number of campsites with 8448 sites today. There has also been an impressive move upmarket for the vast majority of campsites in France. Some campsites have become true village clubs with extensive and varied landscaping, services and luxury facilities. France remains one of the most visited countries in the world and its different regions offer a wide variety of landscapes. The Mediterranean coast and its colourful facades, the wild nature of Brittany and its invigorating walks, the mountains from the Pyrenees to the Alps, which offer skiing or walking, the French heritage with the Loire castles, the vineyards of Bordeaux and Champagne and finally Paris, unique for its monuments, its museums and its walks along the Seine. Not forgetting the important gastronomy in each French region.

Spain, the wonders of the Iberian Peninsula

Beach of Calella de Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava in Catalonia
Beach of Calella de Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava in Catalonia© iStockphoto

It is without doubt a top destination for camping. Spain has a wide range of tourist accommodation, including 1,330 campsites. If you have a camper van, most have a suitable service area. Spain is the second most visited nation in the world and is famous for its festive places and year-round sunshine. But the Iberian Peninsula is also filled with a variety of cultural and natural wonders, with a stunning landscape and some of the richest heritage in Europe. We love this country through Catalonia, known for the Costa Brava, its seaside resorts, the Pyrenees and Barcelona. The Basque country and its strong identity, Galicia and its greenery, Andalusia and its Arab heritage.

Italy, more than one trick up its sleeve

Porto Santo Stefano seafront, Argentario, Tuscany, Italy
Porto Santo Stefano seafront, Argentario, Tuscany, Italy© iStockphoto

This is the country where camping is king. From the simple local campsite (agriturismo) to the luxury holiday park, there is something for everyone. With 2230 campsites in Italy, it is possible to camp in the mountains, by the sea or in the countryside, all in the heart of beautiful landscapes. This rich and attractive strip of land is blessed with a generous amount of sunshine but also with a myriad of treasures. These include the majestic remains of the Roman Empire with Pompeii and Herculaneum, but also the magnificent churches in every town. Italy was the cradle of the Renaissance, and famous artists made it famous.

Belgium, a small country with great diversity

La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium
La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium© iStockphoto

Ideal for camping holidays, it is obviously a country with underestimated tourist potential. Belgians don't talk about camper vans, they prefer to mention the Motorhome. There is both free and paid parking, especially in small towns. Although it is difficult to park on the coast, there are 325 well-equipped campsites in Belgium. Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it has a remarkable historical and cultural heritage with many exceptional sites and monuments. It is also famous for its medieval towns and villages and its unique Renaissance architecture.

Germany, for outdoor enthusiasts

Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg; southwestern Germany
Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg; southwestern Germany© iStockphoto

It is a country in which the 3095 campsites are mostly located in the middle of nature, thus allowing people to practice outdoor activities and enjoy their holidays as quickly as possible. With 200,000 kilometres of footpaths and 70,000 kilometres of cycle paths, there is plenty to satisfy even the most demanding of visitors. In addition, there are many campsites within easy reach of the city. Germany is also the most popular cultural destination in Europe! There are no less than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A welcoming nation that offers surprising discoveries such as the world's most leaning tower or the largest cuckoo clock ever built.

Austria, at the heart of Europe

Lake in the Kleinwalser Valley in the Alps, Austria
Lake in the Kleinwalser Valley in the Alps, Austria© iStockphoto

Austria is an important country for camping in Europe. Although there are no star ratings, the quality of the 645 campsites of Austria is very high. It is a year-round destination as the mountains are attractive for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Located in the heart of Europe, it is a small country full of wonders, starting with Vienna, crossed by the beautiful blue Danube and its preserved cultural heritage. Austria will delight lovers of outdoor activities. It is also remarkable for its picture-postcard landscapes, its vast alpine meadows, its crystal-clear mountain lakes, its endless forests, its music festivals, its dynamic folklore and its unparalleled modernism.

The Netherlands, the forward-thinking flat country

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands© iStockphoto

It's a dream destination for campers and you'll find its 2583 campsites all over the Netherlands. They are usually clean, tidy, well organised and have many modern facilities. Dutch people are particularly welcoming and are proud to show off their modern and innovative land. Although Amsterdam is a must-see, tourism here extends far beyond the capital. Its cities are socially conscious, forward-thinking and marked by their rich past. Take a bike ride past tulip fields and pretty old mills and enjoy the flat Dutch countryside.

Portugal, a discreet and warm people

Algarve region in Portugal
Algarve region in Portugal© iStock

Camping is one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting the country. With 250 campsites, they are less expensive and offer more activities for children, and these wilderness accommodations usually have more advantages than hotels. Situated in the south of Europe and divided between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Spain on the other, Portugal is a small country that attracts many tourists. Rich in a territory where tradition and modernity are mixed, it offers numerous sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Cobbled streets in the shadow of castles, authentic villages, enchanting cities, golden sand... this sun-drenched land holds many surprises. You will be seduced by the history, the flavours, the landscapes and the atmosphere. 

Greece, a must in Europe

Church in Greece
Church in Greece© iStockphoto

There are around 180 campsites in Greece spread across all regions and islands (with the notable exception of the islands of the Saronic Gulf). There are campsites to suit all tastes, needs and budgets. Please note that most campsites are only open from April to October. Between ancient wonders, typical villages, wild islands and breathtaking panoramas, Greece promises a total immersion in time and history. Add to this its particularly hospitable people and delicious food, and it becomes a European must-see.

Croatia, the most important archipelago in the Adriatic Sea

Beach on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik region, Croatia
Beach on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik region, Croatia© iStockphoto

With 866 campsites in Croatia, there are campsites all over the country, but most of them are located on the coast and on the islands. A destination also known for its naturist campsites and beaches, marked with the FKK sign. Some of these remain open in winter, but the season generally runs from mid-April to the end of October. With its turquoise lakes, steep gorges and medieval villages, Croatia is dotted with islands of all kinds and is known for its fabulous, sunny landscapes, its sense of hospitality and its rich built heritage. Its many national parks and mountainous terrain make it an exceptionally beautiful place to visit.

United Kingdom, silver medal in number of campsites

Durdle Door Beach in Dorset, England
Durdle Door Beach in Dorset, England© Istockphoto

With 4,780 campsites, the UK is second only to France in the number of campsites. They are always particularly well equipped and often located in sublime places. Made up of four nations that are a hotbed of culture and history, these multi-faceted cities are sure to create a dynamic and multicultural atmosphere. Good to know: The UK is no longer part of the European Union as of 31 January 2020. As such, citizens of EU member states wishing to travel to the UK are required to have a passport from 1 October 2021. A visa is not required for holidays or short stays.

Switzerland and its 65,000 km of hiking trails!

Lake Brienz shoreline in the village of Iseltwald, Switzerland
Lake Brienz shoreline in the village of Iseltwald, Switzerland© iStockphoto

There are around 400 campsites in Switzerland, ideal for an outdoor holiday, this type of accommodation is synonymous with tranquillity, especially in the low season. They are renowned for being peaceful, clean and modern. Despite its small size, Switzerland has some extraordinary landscapes, from the green hills of the Middle Plateau, to the snow-covered mountain passes, the vineyards of the valleys and the enchanting lakes... unspoilt sites, dotted with picturesque farms and villages. It is impossible to get bored here, especially as it is a first-rate cultural destination and an ideal place to practice various outdoor activities.

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