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Unusual accommodation, an atypical stay!

Caravanes de collection - Domaine du Roc (56)
Caravanes de collection - Domaine du Roc (56)

Isolate yourself from the world in a tree house or on the water, sleep in a transparent bubble or in a barrel...

Unusual accommodation is becoming increasingly popular, even if only for a night or a weekend.

For longer stays, originality can be enjoyed in a retro caravan or a Mongolian yurt. Campsites are increasingly banking on the attractiveness of these accommodations. Make the most of it!

There is no doubt that the campsite landscape is evolving towards a diversification of rental accommodation: holidaymakers need a dream, a change of scenery, adventure and nature. Also, those who do not have their own equipment (tent, caravan...) or do not want to rent a mobile home, with the same comfort as at home, are turning to new formulas that are unusual, to say the least.

These accommodations are often installed in specific areas of the campsites, more quiet, or in a remarkable environment: a stretch of water, a breathtaking view of the countryside. A notable fact is that the offbeat habitats attract new campers, an urban clientele that is rediscovering camping in a different way, to rent just for a weekend or to treat themselves to an overnight stay with a gift box. The charm is there, but there is a downside: the price can sometimes exceed that of a mobile home, or even a hotel room. Some accommodation is far from the car parks, and you have to walk, or even climb, in the case of tree houses. Not all packages are suitable for families, as the accommodation capacity is sometimes limited to one couple. If you believe those who have experienced it, sleeping in a tree house eight metres above the ground, in the middle of the trees, or spending a night on the waves, remains an unforgettable memory. Isn't that what it's all about?

Indian style tepee

This large, spacious and friendly conical tent is a must for unusual accommodation. Like typical accommodation, it is fairly spartan in terms of facilities. There are campsites that take the concept to the extreme with 100% Amerindian leisure activities and themes.

Huts & cabins

Tree house
Tree house© Domaine de la Yole (34)

A few metres above the ground, perched in a tree on the campsite, the hut takes you into a world very close to nature. It is comfortable and well equipped. While some cabins can only accommodate two people, others can house a whole family. They are made to measure with draconian safety standards and a level of comfort (connections to the networks and heating for example) and equipment that is often well above average, with some operators going very far in this respect. The climb to these huts is usually via a wooden ladder.

In recent years, floating huts have appeared. Most of them are unique models or made in very small series. However, some manufacturers have adapted floats to models in their catalogue. These floating cabins can be anchored in the middle of a body of water in total autonomy or closer to the shore and connected to the network.

Lodge tents

Canvas Bungalow
Canvas Bungalow© LA FRETILLE (Longeville-sur-Mer - 85)

In simple terms, lodges resemble the large tents used by safari enthusiasts in Africa, as in "Out of Africa". The principle is simple, to offer maximum comfort in a tent that is sometimes larger than a mobile home and that can offer up to 3 bedrooms. They are made of canvas (cotton or PVC-coated canvas) and incorporate a greater or lesser amount of wood. In recent years, options such as heating for pre-season use, or air conditioning have even appeared!


Contemporary yurt
Contemporary yurt© Les Rives de Grand Lieu (44)

The yurts offered by campsites are more or less exact copies of Mongolian yurts. There are two types. The first are imported from Asia and use the same construction techniques as traditional yurts (various skins on a wooden frame). The second type is based on the principle of a wooden frame on which modern, more practical fabrics are stretched, requiring less maintenance for the campsite manager.


Trailer, caravan
Trailer, caravan© Sanguinet Plage (40)

Even if some manufacturers have ventured into this sector, the caravans (trailers) you are likely to rent are, in most cases, the work of small craftsmen who have made it their speciality. They often set the bar very high in terms of woodworking, this material proving to be particularly warm and very often have a very high level of equipment. While some can be hitched up for original touring holidays, most remain fixed.

But still...

The Bubble Dream
The Bubble Dream

If you want to take the experience even further, no problem, it's possible. You dream of a night under cover but with the stars in Cinemascope, it's possible with the Bubble Dream accommodation. This bubble, which can be transparent, semi-opaque or opaque, guarantees you nights with the sky on a giant screen.

If you want to be a squirrel for a few nights, why not try Selvao's "Goutte d'eau", an accommodation for two, designed to be suspended from a branch? There are many more examples, as the brands, often small craftsmen, seem to show a limitless imagination, whether it is accommodation in the shape of beans or mushrooms, very long converted barrels, small Finnish chalets (Kotas), pods (half-cylinders made of wood), etc. The list is long, and also includes retro caravans, aeroplane cabins and converted wagons.

Sleeping in a barrel
Sleeping in a barrel© Lac O Fées (56)


Weekend or holiday?

If you decide to go for the unusual, the question of the length of stay will inevitably arise. While some accommodation, such as caravans, may be suitable for a week's stay, others are more suitable for weekends or short holidays, especially if used by families. Indeed, hanging on to a branch for your entire holiday may quickly lose its appeal. Similarly, spending three weeks with your family in a tree house, especially if you are going away with young children, is hardly an option. You go on holiday... to relax and unwind. The originality of an accommodation should not become a constraint.

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