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Camping: a holiday at the heart of nature

What other kinds of holiday, other than camping, can provide you with a preserved natural environment, where energy saving is promoted?

Camping means “nature holidays”, even though for a long time this was forgotten. In fact, camping and nature holidays are practically the same thing. Over the past few years campsites have decided to highlight this aspect and to focus on the environment. Plus, for the past twelve years, more and more campsites have been given a Clef Verte (“Green Key”, for some 230 campsites today), a label for the most environmentally friendly forms of tourist accommodation… Now a major selling point, nature is back. Sometimes they run against the grain of the camping-club spirit, like at the Huttopia campsites. Founded in 1999, this chain blends comfort and a return to nature with preserved natural sites with 70 % of campsite pitches and 30 % of rental accommodation, including Gypsy caravans, large Canadian tents or wooden chalets.

More recently, La Via Natura has been in the spotlight. This association includes around ten campsites. Among other things, they are committed to “providing campers with equipment for observing animals and plants via observation posts,” and “to organising stays on a nature theme.” Even better, like the operation launched last year by one of their campsites, Pyrénées Natura, where volunteers set off to plant mangrove trees in Benin, the members of Via Natura have decided to measure and compensate for their customers’ CO2 emissions!

Other individual initiatives for protecting the environment should also be noted. For example, while the Col Vert campsite, in the Landes region, was the first campsite to be awarded the European Eco Label, there are now 11 campsites in France that have been given this label.

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