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Rocamadour, camping in a privileged setting

Vue sur Rocamadour
Vue sur Rocamadour


Situated in the Occitanie region in the Lot département, the town of Rocamadour was built against a rock face overlooking the Alzou valley, a Natura 2000 listed site. In addition to its wild, unspoilt location in the heart of the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park, the medieval town is renowned for its shrines, its 12th-century Black Madonna and the breathtaking view from its ramparts. It should come as no surprise that Rocamadour is the second most visited site in France. Camping here remains one of the best ways to discover the village.

Campsites around Rocamadour

You'll have no trouble finding accommodation in this pretty, highly-touristy town. With its 8 campsites, Rocamadour is not short of outdoor accommodation, and there are many other campsites to discover in the surrounding area. We recommend the Padimadour campsite ****, located in Rocamadour itself, which has an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool, both heated to 28°. A swimming pool and children's club are also available. Camping La Plage *** in Meyronne, just 12 km from Rocamadour, offers family-friendly accommodation with spacious, shady pitches on the banks of the Dordogne, where you can swim and enjoy water sports. The campsite also offers a wide range of entertainment.

Rocamadour sites not to be missed

The medieval city and its seven sanctuaries

After climbing the 216 steps of the Grand Escalier (a lift is also available), it's time to discover the sumptuous medieval town, set in a magnificent natural environment of greenery and rocky outcrops. Once you've caught your breath, you'll discover the various churches listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and you'll soon realise why the town is such an important place of pilgrimage.

The Chapelle Notre-Dame, nicknamed the "miraculous chapel", is famous for its 12th-century statue of the Black Madonna.

Notre-Dame Chapel
Notre-Dame Chapel© Istock

The Basilica of Saint-Sauveur and its beautiful wooden mezzanine, added to the church in the 19th century to accommodate all the pilgrims.

Saint-Sauveur Basilica
Saint-Sauveur Basilica© iStock

Located beneath the Basilica of Saint-Sauveur, the Saint-Amadour crypt is a jewel of Gothic and Roman art.

Saint Amadour crypt
Saint Amadour crypt© iStock

The chapel of Saint-Michel is set against the cliff in a semi-troglodyte building and was probably built at the end of the 12th century. This imposing building houses a magnificent Christ in Majesty and splendid frescoes.

Saint-Michel chapel against the cliff
Saint-Michel chapel against the cliff© Istock

The Grotte des Merveilles, a listed historic monument

Situated above the Alzou gorge, it is famous as the Grotte de Rocamadour. Opened to the public in 1921, it was listed as a Historic Monument four years later. Now open to the public, the cave is home to some exceptional natural concretions and goures (a kind of water bowl in the shape of a small waterfall). Rock paintings dating back 20,000 years, depicting felines, horses and hands, can be seen on one of the walls and are reminiscent of those discovered in the Cognac cave in the same region.image

Reflections© Grotte des Merveilles

The Rocher des Aigles, enter the territory of the birds

Founded in 1977, the falconry at the Ecoparc des Aigles in Rocamadour offers shows with diurnal birds of prey and parrots. It is a breeding and reproduction centre for birds of prey. Young and old alike will learn about the environment of these animals and how to protect them. It's a great way to get to know these birds of prey, which can sometimes be quite impressive in their size.

A vulture from Rocher des Aigles
A vulture from Rocher des Aigles© RocherdesAigles

The Monkey Forest, a totally immersive experience

After the Padirac chasm, this is the second most visited site in the Lot department. A firm favourite with holidaymakers, it has to be said that observing monkeys at such close quarters in the village of Rocamadour is an activity that is as attractive as it is unusual! All the more so as here we only see Barbary macaques, an endangered species for which there is a real commitment to preservation. The animals live in conditions very similar to those in the wild, and their well-being is felt almost immediately. Areas are set aside for their tranquillity, and they are allowed to roam freely. During your visit, you can watch the feeding sessions, which take place every three quarters of an hour. It's an enriching experience for the whole family, and one in which you can learn a great deal about this species, which is classified as "endangered".

The Monkey Forest
The Monkey Forest© davydefix

What do you eat in Rocamadour?

A speciality of the Quercy and Périgord regions, walnut cake made with Périgord walnuts is sure to delight your taste buds! Well-known in the Lot, foie gras is one of the specialities of this French department. You'll find it everywhere, especially in the markets. The famous Rocamadour AOC goat's cheese, made from whole, raw milk, has a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth flavour when fresh and a more powerful taste when dry. You can't leave Rocamadour without tasting it or taking some home with you!

Rocamadour AOC goat's cheese
Rocamadour AOC goat's cheese© iStock






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