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Camping in the Oise to get some fresh air

Vue sur le château de Pierrefonds dans l'Oise
Vue sur le château de Pierrefonds dans l'Oise


At a distance of about 40 kilometres from Paris, it is the closest department to the capital. The Oise is part of the Hauts-de-France region and its prefecture is Beauvais. Just an hour from Paris, the Oise is a great place to get some fresh air through its vast forests and to discover its important heritage, its castles, its villages, its amusement parks and its campsites of course!

Campsites in L'Oise

For an extended weekend or even a camping holiday near Paris, the Oise seems to be the perfect destination. You will have a change of scenery, greenery and fresh air and also the pleasure of the camping accommodation and the activities offered. With or without a swimming pool, sleep in a chalet, in a mobile home or in a tent... You will have the choice between 31 campsites in the Oise to explore as you wish, the tourist wealth of this magnificent territory.

What to visit in the Oise?

Built on a 14,000-hectare estate on the edge of the Compiègne forest, Pierrefonds Castle was built under Louis of Orleans and completed under Viollet le Duc almost five centuries later. The strange gargoyles, double ramparts and labyrinth of galleries make it a place full of architectural curiosities that have attracted the world of French cinema, with films such as "Joan of Arc" and "Les Visiteurs" being shot at Pierrefonds Castle. Michael Jackson is said to have had a model made of it.

The superb Domaine de Chantilly, south of Compiègne, whose construction dates back to the Middle Ages, stands amidst the waters. A princely residence, it houses incalculable art collections such as the second largest collection of ancient paintings in France after the Louvre. Since 2013, the Grandes Ecuries has been home to the Horse Museum, a veritable palace for horses! All year round, it hosts equestrian shows that will appeal to the whole family.

It is to the architect of Louis XV, Gabriel, that we owe the Palais de Compiègne as we know it today, although its construction actually dates back to the Middle Ages. It was then the favourite residence of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie. It also houses the National Car and Tourism Museum, inaugurated in 1927 by Edouard Herriot. Finally, the magnificent gardens of the palace are worth a visit. One is landscaped and covers 40 hectares, designed as an extension of the forest. The other is the Rose Garden, where you can admire the subtle mix of perennials with different species of old roses.

Despite the absence of a nave, spire and bell tower, Beauvais Cathedral remains one of the most ambitious examples of Gothic art. Its choir is recognised as the highest in the world, at over 48 metres. Don't forget to admire its facades, its 60-metre long transept and its exceptional clock.

The Notre-Dame de Senlis cathedral is one of the smallest in France but also one of the most beautiful. It is a perfect example of the treasures of the Oise department.

Finally, the Parc Astérix and the Mer de Sable will make children and adults who have kept the soul happy. On the one hand, adventure, 37 different attractions, shows and Gallic humour! On the other hand, a park with a change of scenery where you will travel through the desert of the Far West and the mysteries of the jungle... A whole programme!


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