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Camping on the Opal Coast

From Calais to Berck-sur-Mer, the shores of the Pas-de-Calais region are beautiful. Dunes, cliffs, forests, seaside resorts, fishing ports and marinas can be discovered over nearly 120 km. Like generations of artists, you will also be captivated for your holidays by this luminous setting.

Enjoy the pleasures of the beach and water sports in the warm precious colour of opal. This white universe is punctuated by the shade of clouds, the green of meadows, the yellow of fields, as well as the pink, red and purple of cliff flowers. The regional natural park of the Capes and Marshes of Opal protects the most beautiful treasures of the area.

After marvelling at the art of lacemaking in the Calais museum, you pass by the beach from where Louis Blériot flew on 25 July 1909, to be the first to cross the Channel. Under the Sangatte strikes, the famous tunnel linking England since 1994 now passes through.

The great site of the 2 capes

A highlight of the Opal Coast, the Cap Blanc Nez, with its chalk cliffs over 130 m high, offers an incomparable viewpoint on the boundary between the English Channel and the North Sea. After a stop in the hollow of the fishing village of Wissant, here is the Cap Gris Nez, with rocks made of sandstone and dark clay. It is the closest point to the English white coastline (30 km) which can be clearly seen, with the intense maritime traffic of the Pas de Calais Strait. There are military relics everywhere, testifying to the strategic interest of the region during the last world conflicts.

Enjoy some seafood during the sea ports of call of Ambleteuse and Wimereux, highlighted by Fort Mahon and the large dunes of the Slack.

In the heart of the Boulonnais

Announced by the Napoleonic column of La Grande Armée, you reach the port city of Boulogne-sur-Mer. After a tour of the ramparts, the basilica and its grandiose crypt, a visit to Nausicaá is a must. An awareness of the marine world that will satisfy young and old alike, with some fifty basins housing nearly 40,000 animals of more than 1,600 different species, in the largest aquarium in Europe.

Called the wild daughter of the Opal Coast, the small resort of Équihen-Plage has a lot of charm. The flobarts, typical multicoloured boats, regularly cross paths in the open sea.

The nearby hills of Le Boulonnais are home to museums that highlight the know-how: Marquise slates, ceramics in Desvres, the Boulonnais horse in Samer.

Charm and refinement at Hardelot

Surrounded by magnificent state forests, Hardelot is surrounded by superb Belle Époque style villas. While nestled amidst splendid gardens, Hardelot's neo-classical castle is a permanent celebration of Franco-British friendship, with numerous concerts and cultural events.

Sheltered in its estuary, Étaples lives to the rhythm of fishing and boating, with a wide range of walks to the Bay of Canche nature reserve, not forgetting the long tradition of welcoming the greatest painters.

The pearl of the Opal Coast

Opposite, the seaside resort of Le Touquet was created at the end of the 19th century to attract Parisian stars, in a very wooded setting. Admire the abundance of seaside architecture in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, with its luxurious residences, typical pavilions and grand historic hotels, such as the incredible neo-gothic town hall with its belfry. You can admire it from the top of the 55-metre lighthouse. At the end of the large sandy beach, the Canche ends its course in a languorous bay.

A large offer for swimming and water sports

Due south, via the beaches of Stella and Merlimont, the dunes finally accompany you as far as Berck and the very wild haven of the Authie. Inseparable from the multicoloured enchantment of the kites, Berck-sur-Mer is a family resort for leisure and holidays, with a beautiful collection of remarkable seaside villas on the Opal Coast .

Campsites on the Opal Coast

The offer of camping holidays on the Opal Coast being very rich, here are a few addresses. In Wimereux, the campsite L'Été Indien in Wimereux **** has more than 200 accommodations all year round, with a water and wellness complex 800 m from the sea.

La Falaise*** campsite in Équihen-Plage offers you nearly 350 rentals and pitches from the end of March to the beginning of September, 200 m from the sea with a heated swimming pool.

No less than 9 campsites welcome you to Berck-sur-Mer, with all types of comfort.


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