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Camping in the Tarn Gorges, a thrilling experience

Les Gorges du Tarn, entre les départements de la Lozère et de l'Aveyron
Les Gorges du Tarn, entre les départements de la Lozère et de l'Aveyron


Located mainly in the department of Lozère but also in Aveyron, the Tarn Gorges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were hollowed out by the River Tarn, leaving behind it a breathtaking landscape that you can discover in several ways. On a peaceful ramble along the paths to visit the pretty villages, or in a sportier manner, on the water in a canoe, or by rafting or canyoning. However you explore it, this natural site will leave you with unforgettable holiday memories.

The campsite nearest to the gorges

Camping is the most convenient way to visit the Tarn Gorges in the best conditions, whether you prefer a sporty break or a more peaceful experience. In a tent, or in a mobile home or chalet for more comfort, it's also a way of staying in touch with nature. So there are over sixty campsites whose gates are open to you near the Tarn Gorges. In Mostuéjouls, two campsites offer accommodation. Les Prades****, a pleasant campsite with a recently built water park and several sports options, including canoe-kayaking down the Tarn, and the Les Bords du Tarn*** campsite, which benefits from a riverside location and a big beach for family fun. In Meyrueis en Lozère, the Le Capelan**** campsite is located in the middle of a natural park, by a river and 2 kilometres from the forest. Lastly, the Le Viaduc**** campsite in Millau enjoys a location by the Tarn with direct access to the beach.

Sainte Enimie


A visit to this medieval village is one of the unmissable activities available in the Tarn Gorges. Surrounded by the gorges, Sainte Enimie is listed among the Most Beautiful Villages of France, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has visited it. The cobbled streets, vaulted passages and restored old houses have enabled the village to regain its medieval appearance of yore. Activities and street performances are in fact organised in summer so you can step back in time by a few centuries.

Village of Sainte-Enimie in the Tarn Gorges.


Village of Sainte-Enimie in the Tarn Gorges
Village of Sainte-Enimie in the Tarn Gorges© Adobe Stock


Castelbouc and its castle

A little pebble beach awaits you here, to cool off in the Tarn with the kids or with friends. Castelbouc has charming flower-adorned streets as well as some lovely old houses that are typical of the region. On a promontory above the village stands the ruined castle of the same name. It is hard to access and is not recommended for children.

Peyrelade Castle

It is also part of the Tarn Gorges' important built heritage. If you look up to the village of Rivière sur Tarn, you can catch a glimpse of this medieval fortress perched atop a rocky spur overhanging the Tarn Valley.

The municipality of Rivière sur Tarn is also home to the Peyrelade**** campsite. Its riverside location makes it ideal for whitewater sports and enjoying one of the region's most scenic beaches. There is also the Canoë Gorges du Tarn**** campsite with its heated pool and water slides, as well as its location on the banks of the Tarn, 1 kilometre from a leisure centre.


Peyrelade Castle in the Tarn Gorges
Peyrelade Castle in the Tarn Gorges© Adobe Stock


Outdoor sports

Canoe-kayaking is the ideal sport for discovering the gorges in a different way. You don't need to be a top athlete and it's also an eco-friendly way to share your holidays with the family, as a couple or with friends on the water, as the River Tarn is accessible to all. This sport will enable you to enjoy an outing in an idyllic natural setting while learning to respect the environment. La Via Ferrata is a climbing activity in which you quickly scale great heights to enjoy a stunning view of the gorges. Caving is also popular here. This consists in exploring the caves with an element of climbing. Don't be put off by its scientific-sounding other name, "speleology": this activity is generally accessible to ages 5 and up, and children love it. Canyoning is practised from age 10 and up and involves swimming, jumping and walking down the Tarn. This is a thrilling and really fun sport. Lastly, hiking and mountain biking are also very popular activities in the Tarn Gorges. These sports have several levels of difficulty so each visitor can explore at their own pace and at their own level.


Canoeing in the Tarn Gorges
Canoeing in the Tarn Gorges© Adobe Stock





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