Upon arrival

Arriving at the campsite: settling in

Here are a few basic rules for your arrival on the campsite, and in particular settling in to your campsite pitch or rental accommodation.

When you arrive, start off by checking in

Unless you have a specific agreement with the campsite, in summer, you must arrive in the afternoon, since guests check out in the morning, and the campsite pitch or rental accommodation must be vacated by noon at the latest. The moral of the story is that there’s no need to hurry and arrive too early, given that in high season, you can check in until 7 or 8 p.m. While for rental accommodation it’s very unusual to get away from the “Saturday to Saturday” period, for a campsite pitch, campsites are much more flexible. Make the most of it to avoid the traffic jams on the big holiday weekends.

When you arrive, you need to go to the reception to check in. Although the campsite won’t keep your proof of identity during the stay, it does have the right to ask to make a photocopy when you check in.

Arrival on the campsite pitch

In general, a member of the campsite staff will take you to your campsite pitch.

In any case, when you set up on the pitch, make sure you respect the peace and quiet of your neighbours, as you will be happy if they do the same. Turn off your car engine and the radio, and avoid the traditional telephone call to your parents to say in a loud voice that you have arrived: your neighbours already know that. Before setting up your tent, your caravan or campervan, take a note of the shaded and sunny areas so you can choose the right spot (also take into account the neighbours’ set ups). And when it’s time to pack up, try not to take everything out at once so that your pitch is transformed into a big car boot sale...

For rental accommodation, you’ll need to do an inventory. Even if it might seem a waste of time, it is much better if you do. If a member of the campsite staff is not with you, check that nothing is missing from the list of items you are given and inform the reception at once if you see anything wrong (a cracked window, dirty oven, etc.). Your security deposit depends on it.


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