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On, the reference for all the campsites in France from Landes to Corsica, you can easily find a great campsite beside the sea.

Choose your campsite, from Landes to Corsica

With endless miles of coastline, and the chance to enjoy camping next to the sea, all of Europe is attracted to France. Tourists come in large numbers from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and from all over the continent to enjoy the diversity of the French landscapes. Going camping in Landes has little in common with camping in Corsica. And even inside a single region or department, the range of seaside campsites is so varied that there is something for every holidaymaker’s tastes. Some campsites have a more family atmosphere, while others are perfect for anyone - young and old alike - who eagerly look forward to getting time off work to party night and day. They will all provide unforgettable memories.

The easy way to find a campsite next to the sea

There are 10,000 campsites in France. Almost a quarter of them are seaside campsites. So future holidaymakers who absolutely want to be near the sea will be spoiled for choice. They can opt for a campsite in the Landes region and let the big waves from the Atlantic Ocean wash over them and see why south-west France is a paradise for surfers in Europe. Or set off to the “Isle of Beauty” and discover the enjoyment of camping in Corsica, alternating between days of relaxation on the beach and hiking in the mountains. There’s a good reason why France is the country with the highest number of visitors in the world: the diversity of the landscapes, especially on the coast, is unmatched in Europe. And each campsite next to the sea has its own charm.


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