Camping in Deauville right next to the sea

When you go camping in Deauville, you have a chance to visit the town that celebrates American cinema each year in September. If they don’t attend the festival, then visitors can always walk along the famous boardwalk or learn about the Second World War, since Normandy played a key role in the Allies’ victory. A stay in a campsite in Deauville opens up a lot of doors for sightseeing!

The campsites in Calvados in the D-Day landings area

The campsites in Calvados are located in a region that is rich in history, because on 6 June 1944 the famous Normandy landings took place here. From Omaha Beach to the Côte Fleurie, over 100 campsites in Normandy are available to visitors. Sometimes with swimming pools and rental accommodation, and generally accepting pets, the campsites in Calvados are the promise of a dream family holiday.

The picturesque charm of camping in Honfleur

Though camping in Deauville may be inaccessible for some holidaymakers, they might like to try the lovely town of Honfleur, which is just a few miles’ walk away along the boardwalk. The seaport and the many terraces, where the sound of the bagpipes can be heard from time to time, always delight visitors. The campsite in Honfleur called “Le Phare” (The Lighthouse), is next to the sea. With great facilities, it gives holidaymakers a chance to try their hand at water sports, just a few yards away from Normandy Bridge.


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