Camping in the low season

Off-season camping: the top 5 reasons

You are reserving as a couple without children (or children who are not yet at school). Perhaps you’re retired. If you can, why not try out the experience of an off-season holiday? There is no shortage of good reasons Here’s the proof!

Have your children left school or are not yet at school? Do you have an understanding employer? Have you dreamed about a holiday in peace and quiet without having to go right off the beaten track somewhere in Lozère or in a Kayola in the Basque country? There are many reasons to opt for off-season holidays. The five reasons we’ve chosen seem to us to sum up the situation well.

It’s cheaper!

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The price is the heavyweight argument for choosing off-season holidays, and in all sectors. For example, for accommodation, depending on the campsite and the number of stars, you can get prices that are 20 to 40 % less compared with high season. Some campsites also have very special offers, like two weeks for a bargain price. This can also be a chance for you to treat yourself to top-of-the-range rented accommodation and services for the price of basic accommodation. But to go on holiday off-season also means train and plane tickets that are much less expensive, and in the shops, you won’t have to pay “special tourist prices”.

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It’s less crowded!

You can never underestimate the enjoyment of a swimming pool - if not exactly all to yourself - then at least where you can swim a few lengths without getting accidently kicked by the other swimmers or splashed by a teenager who jumps into the water just in front of you. In the same way, the beaches in the Landes region or in the south-east are a lot more inviting in September. Plus, you’ll have much more choice about where to lay down your beach towel. Off-season is also a chance to enjoy all the riches our country has in store.

Gorges de l'Ardèche
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Take the example of the Ardèche Gorges. In July and August, it’s packed, and going down the river is often like a gymkhana session between the canoes and the rocks… because there isn’t a lot of water. In Spring, if you like thrills and have some experience, the melted snow makes it all much more interesting. On the other hand, in September, the weather is still warm and you can make your way downstream without fear of any unexpected - and often brutal - collisions. These remarks are valid for all the sights in the country.

Less stress!

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Opting for off-season also means a guaranteed absence of stress. It means that you’ll avoid all the traffic jams on the road. When you arrive at the campsite, there’ll be no waiting at the reception, and the staff will have bags of time to explain everything and take care of you when you check in. And once you’ve arrived, it is unlikely you’ll have much stress due to noise from your neighbours. Lastly, if you go out for the day, you won’t have the annoyance of endless queues, whether you’re out shopping or for any visits you’ve planned.

People have more time for you!

In the same way that the campsite staff will have time to welcome you, and even to show you to your campsite pitch, the people you meet during your stay are more available, giving rise to some great encounters. Take, for example, the wine cooperative where you want to go and stock up on bottles for the wine cellar. As well as the fact that you can choose your parking place, including near the entrance, you can also take your time to taste the wine… responsibly, of course. The staff will also have time to tell you about the wines on offer.

You can get better photos!

Gorges de l'Ardèche
Gorges de l'Ardèche© DR

Again to take the example of the Ardèche Gorges, just try to take photos of the Pont d’Arc in July or take a stroll in the narrow streets of the Cité de Carcassonne with your camera… it’s almost impossible. In April or September, things are much quieter and the light is much softer and warmer, the guarantee of magnificent colours.

So, are you convinced?


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