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Camping: some tips if you travel abroad with your caravan

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Store de caravane


If you are thinking of taking your caravan abroad for your camping holiday, be careful because the legislation for caravanning is not necessarily the same as in France. Here is some useful information that may interest you...

Check your insurance card to make sure that the countries you wish to visit are valid, and not excluded by an 'x'. Also be aware that not all the cover you have taken out is necessarily valid in all European countries. This is particularly true of certain legal protections or climatic events. Don't leave abroad without having the useful telephone numbers (emergency services, police, etc.). Take stock of any repatriation cover for people and property, as well as caravan towing in the event of a car breakdown.

Please note that any trip to a foreign country lasting more than three months must be declared to your insurer. Finally, for those who travel with their caravan to Morocco, a major camping destination outside Europe, you should know that this country applies a specific import regulation for vehicles registered outside its borders, the temporary admission (TA). In the event of theft or destruction, costly customs duties may be claimed from the owner on leaving the country. Hence the interest in taking out specific insurance with your insurer or a specialised company at the border.



Before you leave, study the destination carefully and obtain information from tourist offices and embassies. The chapter "advice to travellers" on the website www.diplomatie.gouv.fr also gives valuable advice.


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