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Discover the animal world on a camping trip!


Escape and meet animals from all over the world. Get up close to wild animals through a glass tunnel, shiver at the reptiles in aquariums and other vivariums, be amazed at the aerial prowess of falcons and other birds of prey, enjoy the pirouettes and tricks of monkeys, or dream in the butterfly greenhouse, the animal parks will leave you with great memories. Find our selection of the most beautiful animal parks in France by region.

The most beautiful zoos in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Bird Park - Ain

At the Parc des Oiseaux, 3,000 birds live side by side in the 35 hectares of a park that is unique in France. A world tour without borders, in total immersion in the reconstituted natural worlds of 300 different species from the four corners of the planet. Among the park's must-sees are the show of birds in flight and the feeding of lorises: small blue, orange and green parrots. The panoramic tower, which reaches a height of 27 metres, is also essential for observing the Dombes, as far as the eye can see and at 360°C. Finally, in the nursery, all kinds of chicks can be seen.


01330 Villars-les-Dombes

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Peaugres Safari - Ardèche

The largest animal park in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Peaugres Safari is home to a thousand animals and nearly 130 species, covering 80 hectares. It combines a tour by car with a more traditional visit on foot. New for 2022: the new sea lion bay, with its "Californian seaport" decor, underwater view, footbridge and wooden terrace. The Peaugres Safari offers immersion enclosures to get closer to the animals. You can discover the intimacy of the makis-cattas, parrots, alpacas...


07340 Peaugres

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Arthus Boutin
© Arthus Boutin

Auvergne Animal Park - Puy-de-Dôme

Nestled in the heart of the volcanoes, on 30 hectares and at an altitude of 750 metres, the Auvergne Wildlife Park houses 350 animals of 65 rare and endangered species. It offers large spaces to its residents and favours a mix of species in the enclosures, with the aim of encouraging natural behaviour and reproduction. Take advantage of the areas where you can enter in the middle of the animals: chamois/goats, lemurs, or siskas deer as well as numerous footbridges allowing you to get as close as possible to the animals: red pandas, bears, giraffe wolves... This year, the Auvergne animal park welcomes new species: diks-diks, which will cohabit with Jules the hippopotamus, and giant anteaters, an incredible species in danger of extinction.

Route d'Anzat

63420 Ardes

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Auvergne Animal Park
Auvergne Animal Park© Pierrick Boyer

The most beautiful zoos in the Centre Val de Loire

Haute Touche Zoological Reserve - Indre

At the gateway to the Brenne nature park in the Indre department, the Haute Touche zoological reserve is home to 1,500 animals, many of which are part of an international conservation programme, as well as a collection of deer that is unique in the world. On arrival, you will take a 4 kilometre drive through the European fauna to the heart of the reserve in your vehicle. You can then discover the reserve on foot, by bicycle or by electric cart (hire on site). Two routes (2 and 2.5 km) invite young and old to plunge into the animal world of the 5 continents: vast African water area, baboon islands, lemurs, hyenas, cheetahs, antelopes, small mammals, birds...


36290 Azay-le-Ferron

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Beaumarchais Reserve - Safari Train - Indre-et-Loire

You will experience a moment of relaxation and adventure as you board the Safari Train, for an amazing journey through a breeding park. Comfortably seated, you will go and meet the big game, observe the wild boars and their little marcassins, rub shoulders with the stags followed by the hinds and fawns. Get to know the Corsican fallow deer and mouflons. Discover surprising species such as rheas, emus, ostriches and American bison. Then finish the visit with the Nursery with the baby ostriches under their lamp and explore the different stages from incubation to hatching.

37110 Autrèche

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Zoo Parc de Beauval - Loir-et-Cher

Ranked as the 4th most beautiful zoo in the world, Beauval Zoo Park covers 44 hectares and is home to more than 35,000 animals spread over some twenty territories. Embark on an unforgettable journey around the globe and meet more than 800 animal species, some of which are unique in France, such as giant pandas, koalas, Tasmanian devils, ferocious harpies and Douc's langurs. "An architectural feat for a place that is unique in the world", opened in 2020, the Equatorial Dome is a veritable giant terrarium, it harmoniously accommodates a wide variety of animals: saïmiris, red ibises, Komodo dragons... Don't hesitate to take the Beauval Cloud, more than 40 metres high, its cabin with a glass floor offers an incomparable panoramic view of all the park's animals.

Avenue du Blanc

41110 Saint-Aignan

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Zoo Parc de Beauval
Zoo Parc de Beauval

The most beautiful zoological parks in the Grand-Est

Amnéville Zoological Park - Moselle

The Amnéville zoo covers 18 hectares and is home to more than 2,000 animals of 360 different species from all over the world. Numerous themed areas are available to visitors, including the three-hectare African plain, the aquatic world of the sea lion bay, the Amazon jungle with its jaguars, tapirs and marmosets, etc. A free-flying raptor attraction is offered by the zoo's falconers, who travel on horseback. The zoo also offers many activities to discover what goes on behind the scenes, so you can put yourself in the shoes of a caretaker for a morning, enter the wolf enclosure, feed a red panda, visit the sea lion building...

1, Tiger Street

57360 Amnéville

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Amnéville Zoological Park
Amnéville Zoological Park

Animal park of Sainte Croix - Moselle

Sainte-Croix Wildlife Park
Sainte-Croix Wildlife Park© Parc animalier Sainte-Croix

Nestled in the heart of a 120-hectare green setting, 4 discovery trails lead you to meet more than 1,500 animals from 100 species living in semi-liberty. The park offers the chance to go on an adventure on the trail of Europe's animals during a one-hour safari-train expedition. Meet 12 animal species in a conservation area for European bison and Przewalski's horses.

Domaine de Sainte-Croix

57810 Rhodes

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Monkey Mountain - Bas-Rhin

The Monkey Mountain is a reserve dedicated to Barbary macaques, originally from North Africa. Entirely free, with an approximate number of 200, they live in conditions close to the wild, in a 24 hectare forest. Very curious and playful by nature, the monkeys will not hesitate to approach you to get the free popcorn distributed at the entrance of the park. Children will be able to imitate the monkeys thanks to a new biodiversity awareness course called "In the skin of a primate".


67600 Kintzheim

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Zoological and botanical park of Mulhouse - Haut-Rhin

The zoological and botanical park covers 25 hectares and is home to more than 1,200 animals of 170 different species and 3,500 species of plant varieties in an exceptional natural setting. It is a real place for walking and observing the flora and fauna. One of the main objectives of the park is the protection, conservation and even reintroduction of rare and endangered species into their original environment. Thus, one can find red pandas, Amur panthers, lemurs from Madagascar or polar bears.

51, Jardin Zoologique Street

68100 Mulhouse

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The most beautiful zoos in Ile-de-France

Paris Zoological Park


In total, the capital's animal park is home to more than 2,000 animals, spread over an area of more than 14 hectares and visible along a path of more than 4 km. The park also houses an aviary and a tropical greenhouse to allow all the animals to flourish. The only zoo in the world to be completely rebuilt in this way, the new park offers visitors the opportunity to observe animals in their "reconstituted natural environment", during a beautiful walk through amazing landscapes.

Avenue Daumesnil

75012 Paris

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Feline Park - Seine et Marne

In a vast wooded park of 71 hectares, discover felines from all over the world. Nearly 140 felines, belonging to about thirty species, live in the park. The zoological park has set up various walking tours, during which young and old are invited to contemplate these majestic animals in their vast enclosure. In addition to the felines, the Feline Park has a large number of lemurs and farm animals. The animal park also offers several recreational activities.

La Fortelle

77540 Lumigny-Nesles-Ormeaux

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Safari zoo of Thoiry - Yvelines

Thoiry Zoo is a huge 150-hectare park with 130 species of animals. The Thoiry estate offers an original way of discovering the animals: from your car, you can drive along the tracks like a safari! For a guided tour, book a place in the park's bush trucks. A little further on, still within the Thoiry site, the zoological park has other animals, which you can observe in their enclosure. For adventure lovers, a zip line allows you to fly over the lions' plain and the African plain. In addition, a botanical park with themed gardens allows you to walk around.

Rue du Pavillon de Montreuil

78770 Thoiry

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Zoo de Thoiry
© Zoo de Thoiry

The most beautiful zoos in Normandy

Cerza Zoological Park - Calvados

More than 1,500 wild animals live peacefully in semi-liberty in 70 hectares of forests and valleys. Discover 120 species from the five continents on two walking tours and observe the animals in their natural environment. In addition to the two walking tours, the immersive enclosures will allow you to get as close as possible to the animals, you can feed the giraffes, give a snack to the rainbow parrots, let yourself be approached by the lemurs...


14100 Hermival-les-Vaux

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Cerza Zoological Park
Cerza Zoological Park

Alligator Bay - English Channel

Alligator Bay is a zoological park, located at the foot of Mont Saint Michel, specialising in reptilian fauna (lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, etc.) with more than 700 animals from the five continents. You will discover the largest group of alligators in Europe, in the alligator greenhouse: alligators, crocodiles, caimans and the rare white alligators, in a tropical greenhouse. The dragon labyrinth with boas, iguanas, chameleons and monitor lizards... an exceptional play area! Get up close and personal with the 300 turtles, including the famous giant turtles of the Seychelles and Africa. Discover the dinosaur plain and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the themed play area.

62 route du Mont-Saint-Michel

50170 Beauvoir

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The most beautiful zoos in New Aquitaine

La Palmyre Zoo - Charente-Maritime

Set in the heart of an 18-hectare pine and oak forest, La Palmyre Zoo offers visitors the opportunity to observe more than 1,600 mammals, birds and reptiles from all continents, including the most impressive, the gorillas and polar bears. This year, a new species has made its entrance, the giant otter, an emblematic animal of the wetlands of South America.

6, avenue de Royan

17570 Les Mathes

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Nile Crocodile - Palmyra Zoo
Nile Crocodile - Palmyra Zoo

The most beautiful zoos in Occitania

African Reserve of Sigean - Aude

The Sigean African Reserve claims to have over 3,800 animals (over 2,000 birds, 900 mammals and 900 reptiles) of at least 160 species, spread over 300 hectares. The visit to the reserve begins by car on a 7.5 kilometre route. On the programme, you will cross 8 parks: the African bush (3 parks), the bear park, the lion park and the African savannah (3 parks). Then the walk will take you through chimpanzees, dromedaries, giraffes, rheas... In the vivarium: dwarf crocodiles, Nile lizards, Madagascar boas will be observed, then in the Mississippi alligator tropical house, Bolivian saïmiris, snakes and turtles await you. Finally, in the large African aviary, grayling, tantalus ibis, trumpeter hornbills and many others can be seen.

19, Ham du Lac


11130 Sigean

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The most beautiful zoos in the Pays-de-la-Loire

Planète Sauvage wildlife park - Loire-Atlantique

The only park of its kind in France, covering 80 hectares, Planète Sauvage takes visitors of all ages on a day-long journey through 6 captivating worlds (the territories of the wild beasts, the safari trail, the marine city, the jungle temple, the Inca trail and the bush path) to discover 1,100 animals of 120 different species. It consists of a safari section that can be visited by car and a pedestrian section that includes one of the two dolphinariums in mainland France, where bottlenose dolphins are presented.

La Chevalerie

44710 Port-Saint-Père

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Planète Sauvage
Planète Sauvage© Stephane Leludec

Doué-la Fontaine Biopark - Maine-et-Loire

The Biopark is the only troglodytic zoo in the world, where more than 1,500 animals have found an exceptional natural setting, dedicated to the protection of endangered species. The park's first particularity is its location on 14 hectares in the heart of a falun quarry, an aggregate of shells, sand and clay dating from the Paleolithic period, when the sea was present in Anjou. Among the animals, the Biopark has several "endangered" or "critically endangered" animals, such as the Pinched Tamarin monkey, the Madagascar White Belt Vari, the giant otter, the black rhinoceros, the Sumatran tiger... or the hooded vulture, the Blue Hyacinth Macaw...).

103, rue de Cholet

49700 Doué-la-Fontaine

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Biopac© P. Chabot

La Flèche Zoo - Sarthe

Situated in the middle of greenery, the zoological park of La Flèche has everything to please, its 18 hectares on which no less than 150 different species evolve, that is to say approximately 1,500 animals in all, making it one of the five largest zoos in France, welcoming more or less rare species, from the white tiger to the savannah zebra, passing by wolves, polar bears or even our friends the monkeys... La Flèche zoo is also renowned for the shows and educational activities that are offered throughout the year. Sea lion or bird shows, elephant, penguin or hippo snacks...

Le Tertre Rouge

72200 La Flèche

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