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Camping in the Meuse, let yourself be surprised!

La ville de Bar-le-Duc dans la Meuse
La ville de Bar-le-Duc dans la Meuse


Created from its historic province of Lorraine, the Meuse came into being at the time of the French Revolution, as did most of the départements. Between Paris and Strasbourg, its name comes from the impressive 950 kilometre long river that runs through it. Between its cities full of history and its grandiose nature, the Meuse is full of surprises and offers you its campsites to discover this beautiful department.

The Meuse and its campsites

The Meuse offers a real quality environment and the campsite will be the ideal accommodation for a holiday in osmosis with this nature and to discover it better. You can choose from 28 campsites in the Meuse, spread evenly throughout the region. These campsites are also an opportunity to discover the heritage of the Meuse in the best conditions.

Discovering the Meuse on the town side...

Famous for the Battle of 1916, Verdun is a town that has played a major part in the events of French history, and has managed to retain and enhance its rich architecture. A stroll through the historic heart of the town is a must, as is a taste of the local speciality at the Braquier Dragées factory and other confectionery shops, an activity that is sure to please foodies! The underground Citadel played a major role during the battle. 10,000 men lived there safe from the bombardments. The boat trip on the Meuse is an original and fun way to discover Verdun and its monuments, go to Quai de la République. The superb Notre-Dame cathedral in Gothic and Roman style is also worth seeing.

A member of the association of the Most Beautiful Detours of France, Bar-le-Duc is one of the most beautiful Renaissance districts in Lorraine. Its architecture is a feast for the eyes with its rich mansions built with cut stone. The visit continues here with surprising discoveries, such as the Clock Tower and the remains of the city walls, but also the church of Saint Pierre, which houses "le transi", a skeleton with its arm stretched towards the sky. Finally, treat yourself to a superb view of the lower town from the belvedere in the rue des Grangettes.

The citadel of Montmédy is one of the great monuments of the region. It was built by Charles V in 1545 and then redesigned by Vauban in the 17th century. You enter via two drawbridges and a tunnel before taking a stroll through this immense site steeped in history. During the summer, it is possible to walk around the citadel by torchlight at nightfall... An activity enjoyed by the whole family.

…. And on the nature side

The western part of the Meuse is part of the Argonne, a natural region with preserved flora and fauna and dotted with ponds and immense forests. The colours, sounds and smells of elderflowers, fir needles, lily of the valley and hyacinth are amazing. The sensations are different in each season and the atmosphere unique. In the Argonne there are many charming villages to discover, such as Beaulieu-en-Argonne, which offers a magnificent view of the countryside.

Lake Madine is one of the largest lakes in Lorraine. Located 45 minutes from Metz, it is the department's lake where you can recharge your batteries with your family. It is also a water reserve for the city of Metz and for hunting and wildlife. It will allow you to enjoy the sandy beach with your family during the summer season as well as swimming. You can also observe birds thanks to the paths and the ornithological observatory. Finally, many activities are offered for the whole family such as tree climbing, canoeing, sailing... it is also possible to cycle around the lake. In short, there are activities for all tastes.


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