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Camping in the Morvan

To the south of Auxerre, between Nevers and Dijon, these superb wooded and rugged hills occupy one of the wildest parts of Burgundy. Punctuated by ponds and large lakes, they cover part of the departments of Yonne, Nièvre, Côte d'Or and Saône-et-Loire. Lovers of nature and serenity, you will be delighted.

A climatic crossroads, the Morvan offers you an original mosaic of some twenty truly different landscapes, culminating at the Haut Folin, at an altitude of 901 metres. Shaped over the centuries by agricultural and forestry activity, the territory is dotted with granite peaks. Generally referred to as the Montagne Bourguignonne, it is an outpost of the Massif Central. Most of the area is protected by the vast Morvan Regional Nature Park, created in 1970. It stretches from north to south, over a hundred kilometres, and groups together the four departments of the former Burgundy region. Its relief allows the practice of a large number of outdoor activities.

Lakes and forests

Six large dams often used for walks and water sports are located in the northern part of the village: Crescent, Chamboux, Saint-Agnan, Chaumeçon, Les Settons, Pannecière-Chaumard. The omnipresence of water translates into nearly 3,500 ponds and a myriad of bucolic springs and rivers. Blue notes set in the green ocean of forests. Outside the large tourist towns, the habitat is scattered in hamlets, nestled in a very soothing nature, with here and there gorges and picturesque rocky escarpments.

Campsites in the Morvan

Among the sixty or so campsites in the Morvan, we recommend the Saulieu *** campsite in Côte d'Or. Between lake and rivers, it has a hundred or so pitches with chalets and mobile homes, not forgetting the swimming pool.

In the Nièvre region, the campsite Les Mésanges in Montsauche-les-Settons *** is located on the edge of a large lake, with about a hundred pitches and some rentals from April to September.

In Avallon (Yonne), the municipal campsite sous Roche *** offers around 100 places with rental accommodation and a heated swimming pool.

Finally in the south of Luzy, the campsite Les Portes du Morvan **** is located in Issy-l'Évêque in Saône-et-Loire near a pond, with nearly a hundred pitches or rentals, with a swimming pool and an extensive programme of activities.

From the Gauls to Vauban

The rich history of the Morvan is combined with the remains of Bibracte, dominated by Mount Beuvray, the ancient capital of the proud people of the Aedui, who were fighting against the Romans more than 2000 years ago. You will also find the site of the eternal hill of Vézelay. A fine example of Romanesque art, the splendid basilica is a reminder of the power of the Benedictine abbey founded in 1120 and the convergence of numerous pilgrimages heading towards the road to Compostela. Just next door, visit the charming Avallon, rising on the banks of the Cousin, which has preserved around the collegiate church of Saint-Lazare, old houses, a large clock tower and typical terraced gardens. Further south, the Château de Bazoches cultivates the memory of Sébastien Le Prestre, the Marquis de Vauban, a native of the Morvan, the famous builder of citadels.

Wood for Paris

Another local feature of Morvandelle that takes advantage of the abundance of woodland: the floating of firewood. From the 16th to the 19th century, this was a veritable economic vein, transported to the centre of Paris from Château-Chinon and the neighbouring rivers.


On the eastern fringe, the plains and valleys of the bocagère extend around Saulieu, a heritage and gastronomic town. In the southern part, the historic towns of Autun and Luzy are worth a visit. But also discover in the Morvan, a large number of museums, castles, ancient sites and religious sanctuaries of all styles.


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