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Ville médiévale d'Aubusson
Ville médiévale d'Aubusson

In the heart of Limousin, enjoy the wild charm of the rural and wooded hills. The Creuse has a rugged relief with romantic gorges. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a camping holiday in Creuse.

World capital of tapestry, Aubusson offers a great architectural diversity. Secrets and backstage of 6 centuries of tradition are to be discovered by admiring more than 15000 works in the international city of tapestry. Workshops, spinning mills, manufacture, tapestry cardboard museum complete your textile immersion, which extends into the neighbouring town of Felletin.


Head towards the old medieval village of Chénérailles. In the countryside dotted with ponds, superb castles are hidden away, such as the castle of Villemonteix. A little further on, in a valley in Creuse, nestles the Benedictine abbey of Moutier d'Ahun.

Following the course of the Creuse

Between bocage and forest, Guéret, the former stronghold of the Counts of La Marche, has a rich historical heritage. You can experience a lot of excitement nearby by visiting the Chabrières wolf park. You will also love to get lost in the giant plant maze of the Monts de Guéret, which stretches over more than 6 hectares.


Like generations of artists and writers, you will be seduced by the impressionist site of the Creuse gorges, with in particular the rocky spur of the village of Crozant.


Take a tour also to the north of the Gartempe valley, to La Souterraine, for its Romanesque collegiate church, its monumental fortified gate and its lantern for the dead.

Campsites in Creuse

Choose to go on a camping holiday in Creuse. We suggest the Château de Pointouze campsite **** in Boussac-Bourg, Le Moulin de Piot *** in Chéniers, or the Courtille *** campsite in Guéret.

An abundance of treasures

In the north-east of the department of Creuse, discover the masterly castle of Boussac, then the astonishing village of Toulx-Sainte-Croix with its lighthouse and the Pierres Jaumâtres, a chaos of granite stones. In Chambon-sur-Voueize, a beautiful harmony emanates from the historic houses with brown roofs, grouped around the vast Romanesque abbey church of Sainte-Valérie. Évaux-les-Bains, the only spa resort in Limousin, is home to a grandiose collegiate church (11th-15th). Near Gouzon, note the exceptional frescoes in the chapel of Saint-Nicolas-des-Forges.

From Millevaches to Vassivière

To the south-east, the region of Marche and Combraille announces the magnificent plateau of Millevaches.

In the heart of the Regional Nature Park, you will be captivated by this world of moors, peat bogs and wooded areas, with a multitude of hiking trails.

In the south-west, the village of Masgot, recalls the talent of the masons and granite cutters of the Creuse, who built cathedrals and many monuments throughout France.

The small characterful town of Bourganeuf preserves important testimonies of the Middle Ages and the splendours of an oriental prince, with the great Zizim tower. In 1886, it was the first city in Europe to be illuminated by electricity.


Finish your holiday in the Creuse department with a visit to the sublime Lake Vassivière, which covers more than 1,000 hectares. With its islands and forest shores, it is a real change of scenery, with fishing and a wide choice of water sports.


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