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Last minute booking: go away on an impulse, because you feel like it or an opportunity arises

Last minute reservations are one of the great trends today. For a wide range of reasons, more and more of you wait until the last minute before making a reservation and setting off.

You’re behind schedule, you didn’t have time to reserve, and just a few days before your holiday, you still don’t know what you’ll be doing. And you’ve only just found out about your holiday dates, too, and you’re short on time there, too. The weather’s fine, you have a long weekend and you really want to get away. Or perhaps you just prefer to wait until the last minute to reserve. All reasons to explain the big increase in last minute reservations.

Have your cake and eat it

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A last-minute reservation is worthwhile of course because it saves money. For example, it means you can go to the campsite of your choice at a bargain price. It’s also a way to take advantage of special offers – even in high season in some cases. But even more worthwhile is that a last-minute booking can give you more for your money. In other words, it’s a chance to have an “upmarket” stay in a top-of-the-range rental chalet with services of the same standard and for the same price you would have paid for “regular” accommodation.


The easiest method is to pay a visit to a well-known search engine and type in “last minute camping reservations”. The good news is that among the hundreds of answers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The bad news is that unless you have some idea of what you’re looking for (destination, type of campsite, etc.), you’re probably going to spend long evenings in front of your computer screen.

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So to avoid strained eyes, narrow down the search by looking on the tour operators’ or online travel agencies’ sites. CampingFrance also has a list of special deals from campsites or campsite chains. Another possibility is the campsite chain websites (Flower, Yelloh Village, Sites et Paysages, etc.). The names, promotions and special offers vary, but everything can be found in the same place. This can also help you choose your destination. Some campsites even have special offers on their websites for certain times of year to make sure their rental accommodation is fully booked (out of season or long weekends in spring, in particular), or later in the season to make up for cancellations. The offers are only valid for a short time, so they’re perfect if you want to go away… right away!

Last-minute reservations can meet a one-off need or become your regular approach to holidays. In this case, you’ll always be on the alert, regularly visiting a relatively small number of sites, and signing up for the campsite chain or reservation services newsletters.


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