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France is in fact among one of the countries that accommodates the majority of campers, whether they are French or foreign holidaymakers. Every year, millions of holidaymakers opt for this type of holiday. French campsites mainly attract Dutch, German and English holidaymakers.

Is it necessary to book a pitch in advance? Certain campsite establishments do stipulate advance booking, particularly during high season (July-August) but this is not always the case. On the other hand, booking is required for mobile home, chalet or canvas bungalow rental.

Renting a mobile home means that you can spend your holiday in comfortable and completely equipped accommodation while benefiting from the campsite's facilities and activities. It's the ideal solution for getting the best out of your camping holiday, particularly when you have young children.

French campsites are making increasing efforts to offer activities designed for children. From handicraft workshops to treasure hunts and shows, campsites are now offering mini-clubs specifically for children. To ensure that your children get the most out of their holidays, why not select a campsite offering these services?

Did you know that France is the country that offers the most campsites with 9052 fully equipped campsites out of a total of 11,000 campsites? With nearly a million pitches, France is also the country with the highest accommodation capacity. The countries following closely behind France include the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain and the most popular camping regions in France are the South of France, Brittany, Aquitaine, la Vendée and Normandy.

Campsites in France are rated by the star system. Each campsite benefits from one, two, three or four stars, depending on the range of facilities that it offers. The number of stars is approved by a prefectural order according to the opinion of the Commission of Departmental Tourism Action (CDAT).

What is a rural campsite? In addition to star-rated campsites, there are approximately 2,000 rural campsites that are distinguished by two categories: open-air campsites and farm campsites. A farm campsite can accommodate no more than six pitches with a maximum capacity of twenty people. The total surface area of the pitches must be at least 300 m2. Open-air campsites on the other hand can offer between seven and twenty-five pitches, each with a surface area of 400 m2.

As well as accommodation, the majority of campsites offer numerous free services, such as access to pools, fitness rooms, participation in amateur volley ball or pétanque tournaments. Also, some services require payment, such as tennis, horse-riding or sailing for example: find out the precise details before you set off on holiday.

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