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French people generally prefer to spend their holidays camping. Every year, millions of holidaymakers choose to spend their holidays on a campsite. France is also a country that is much appreciated by foreign campers and every year an increasing number of foreign holidaymakers choose to spend their camping holiday in France.

Is it necessary to book a pitch in advance? Certain campsite establishments do stipulate advance booking, particularly during high season (July-August) but this is not always the case. On the other hand, booking is required for mobile home, chalet or canvas bungalow rental.

Renting a mobile home has become the preferred choice for many French holidaymakers as a means of enjoying a camping holiday with extra comfort. Renting a mobile home allows you to take full advantage of the great outdoors with the added benefits of furniture and equipment for a home-from-home feel.

French campsites are making increasing efforts to offer activities designed for children. From handicraft workshops to treasure hunts and shows, campsites are now offering mini-clubs specifically for children. To ensure that your children get the most out of their holidays, why not select a campsite offering these services?

Why are some campsites distinguished as 'tourism' campsites while others are distinguished as 'leisure' campsites? Nearly 80% of campsites are classified within the Tourism category, which means that over half of the pitches are allocated for passing-through or short-stay tourism. The campsites classified in the Leisure category are those where over half of the sites are dedicated to long-stay holidays (one month and over).

France is the No. 1 European camping destination. With 9052 fully equipped campsites out of a total of 11,000, France is the premier camping destination in Europe. A ranking which is justified by its accommodation capacity with almost one million available pitches! Following closely behind France are the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain... The most popular regions visited by campers include the South of France, the Atlantic Coast with Aquitaine and la Vendée, as well as Brittany and Normandy.

Is there such a thing as a rating for a campsite? Yes, campsites are rated by the star system. A campsite may be given a classification of one, two, three or four stars. The decision is taken by prefectural order according to the opinion of the Commission of Departmental Tourism Action (CDAT). The classifications are based on precise standards, concerned with the quantitative aspect of the facilities.

As well as accommodation, the majority of campsites offer numerous free services, such as access to pools, fitness rooms, participation in amateur volley ball or pétanque tournaments. Also, some services require payment, such as tennis, horse-riding or sailing for example: find out the precise details before you set off on holiday.

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