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France is in fact among one of the countries that accommodates the majority of campers, whether they are French or foreign holidaymakers. Every year, millions of holidaymakers opt for this type of holiday. French campsites mainly attract Dutch, German and English holidaymakers.

Renting a mobile home allows you to enjoy a camping holiday while benefiting from a touch more comfort and the essential equipment that will make your holiday run smoothly. Today, Mobile home rental is becoming increasingly popular among French holidaymakers.

If you have children, opt for a campsite offering a childrens' mini-club, with activities and facilities aimed at providing the whole family with an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday and allowing you to benefit from a well-deserved rest.

Why are some campsites distinguished as 'tourism' campsites while others are distinguished as 'leisure' campsites? Nearly 80% of campsites are classified within the Tourism category, which means that over half of the pitches are allocated for passing-through or short-stay tourism. The campsites classified in the Leisure category are those where over half of the sites are dedicated to long-stay holidays (one month and over).

Campsites in France are rated by the star system. Each campsite benefits from one, two, three or four stars, depending on the range of facilities that it offers. The number of stars is approved by a prefectural order according to the opinion of the Commission of Departmental Tourism Action (CDAT).

What is a rural campsite? In addition to star-rated campsites, there are approximately 2,000 rural campsites that are distinguished by two categories: open-air campsites and farm campsites. A farm campsite can accommodate no more than six pitches with a maximum capacity of twenty people. The total surface area of the pitches must be at least 300 m2. Open-air campsites on the other hand can offer between seven and twenty-five pitches, each with a surface area of 400 m2.

Do you have to pay for the services and activities offered by French campsites? Access to the entertainment services (pools, shows etc.) are generally free, with just a few exceptions. On the other hand, some activities require payment: mini-golf, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) rental etc. Facilities such as the bars, ice-cream parlours, laundry etc. require payment.

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